Ashlei Kilkenny/Balletto Vineyards

Tucked into Sonoma County’s scenic Russian River Valley just more than an hour north of San Francisco, Balletto is a family-owned winery with its own unique twist: a four-acre baseball field smack in the middle of its vineyards.

“[About eight years ago] my vineyard manager, Manuel Vallejo, asked if he could use a small part of the ranch to have a baseball game,” says owner John Balletto. “He had a pickup game one Sunday, and the idea to create a permanent playing field took off from there.”

Ashlei Kilkenny/Balletto Vineyards
With his company providing all the materials and equipment to build it, Balletto’s employees volunteered after work and on weekends to construct and maintain the field. Surrounded by chardonnay and pinot noir grapes, it’s wine country’s very own Field of Dreams.

The Ballettos play most Sundays, April through September (October if they make it into the postseason), competing against local sponsored and independent teams like the Amigos, the Bravos and the Osos.

“It’s been great,” says Balletto. “[My employees] take great pride in having a home field they can practice and play on and that they can call their own.”

Visitors to the winery are welcome to pick up a bottle of Balletto wine and/or bring a picnic and enjoy a game.