AMERICAN WAY: And what characteristics do leaders most need?
We need leaders who can build teams, inspire people, and create trust. Trust starts with having high integrity. It means being open and candid about the good and the bad, being transparent about problems, and then setting expectations. Tomorrow's leaders also have to be more accessible, not staying in the office, but out there with employees and customers. They can't work through four or five levels. They may have to reach around the organization to show it matters what people on the front line are doing every day. These are qualities that even three years ago were not at such a premium, but will increasingly be expected by the very best companies.

Scott S. Smith is a freelance business writer who has interviewed executives such as Oracle's Larry Ellison and eBay's Meg Whitman for American Way.
Lee Blankenship Emmert's portraits have appeared in Time, Fast Company, and Red Herring. He most recently photographed Emmitt Smith for the 11.15.02 issue of American Way.
A good team is a well-trained team. New Accenture employees begin with intensive training, which continues on and off for five years. Here's how CEO Joe Forehand describes the firm's training protocol.

"Entry-level employees go to Client Readiness School for two weeks to get the basics of working with a client, our basic methodologies of how we do our work, and exposure to our culture. This is at our central learning facility outside of Chicago, where they begin to build international personal networks with attendees from around the world. During the first five years, employees get 750 hours of training."

"We spent $692 million, or 6 percent of our net revenues, on training last year, in a combination of live classroom and technology-based solutions."