On July 10, Fox Sports’ coverage of Major League Baseball’s 72nd All-Star Game was the highest-rated show of the week. The memorable matchup, which featured various Fox innovations including the micing of both managers, was called by the game’s best broadcaster, Joe Buck. A huge baseball fan, the 32-year-old Buck recently told American Way what stokes his fire about the World Series.

AW: What’s special about this time of the baseball season?
It’s that time of the year, especially for those of us who watch all these games day after day, where everything that we’ve been building toward is finally here. It’s like a good book, where you savor the last few pages, and don’t want it to end.

AW: The next labor negotiations get underway this fall. As a fan, do you hold out hope for a new agreement?
Absolutely, there’s got to be hope. The bad thing that happened with the strike in ’94 was that no changes were really made to the economic structure of the game. It only got worse, outside of mild revenue sharing. But there are new ballparks all over the country. I can’t imagine those owners wanting to shut the game down for a year trying to get the economic situation back in line.

AW: What are your thoughts on revenue sharing?
Greater revenue sharing is a must. The key is to share local television rights, pooling that money, maybe weighting it toward the bigger market teams, but not having this ridiculous disparity between the top and bottom teams.