Parents, clergy, and teachers are better suited to influence your children, but that’s not who kids idolize. Athletes might be the least qualified, but they’re role models because they have those commercials, they’re on magazine covers, they’re on TV every night. I mean, come on, absolutely they should be held to higher standards. Whether they like it or not, they’re de facto role models.

AW: So, should the NFL get tough on criminal offenders?
What they can do is come down harder on violent crime offenders, stop drafting guys with bad character, and stop giving them extra chances. But we all know this isn’t going to change. Hell, if Rae Carruth were to walk out of jail tomorrow, somebody would sign him. And then they’d say, and here’s my favorite, he paid his debt to society, he’s a fine young man who’s just misunderstood.

AW: Why did Vince McMahon’s XFL tank?
I honestly thought it would work, even though I didn’t respect it. I thought he’d do what he’s always done — market and promote the same sort of garbage he has in the past. Instead, he tried to give us real football. Well, it was really bad football and one awful show. I was happy to be wrong about it.