The Sans-Paparazzi Beach Walk
What happens on the beach, other than the paparazzi stalking me? And they always do. In Miami, they're the worst. You're there, and all of a sudden there are 20 guys surrounding you on the beach. It's horrible. It makes you not want to go to the beach, actually, and just stay by the pool instead. The paparazzi just walk right up and take pictures of you while you're lying there minding your own business. Ocean Drive, whether you're on the beach or on the sidewalk, is a great place to walk in the day. Every hotel on the strip is really cool and unique. It's like being in a museum. But day or night, it's great. The paparazzi don't seem to hang out there. It's like all they want to do is take pictures of people in their bathing suits. I walk [on Ocean Drive] until the street ends.

The Tiny Ship Was Tossed …
I've gone fishing in the Keys, but we got stuck because the hurricane came. All of a sudden these black clouds rolled in, and in Miami, it rains a couple of times a day. So you don't realize in five minutes it's going from being the sunniest, hottest place to full-on hurricane storm. So we were out fishing, my brother, my mother, my tutor, and her husband, and honestly, in five minutes, there were black clouds and it just started pouring sideways rain. It took us about 20 minutes to get out to where we were, and it took us an hour and a half to get back.

Dinner at 10
You don't even have dinner in Miami until nine-thirty or 10. Nobu is pretty much like it is anywhere, in New York or L.A. There's also this Cuban place where they have music - it's called Versailles Restaurant. It's just good Cuban food. Cuban, Latin, and Mexican food, you know, they're different, but they're the same. It feels like your mom was in the kitchen cooking it up. At Versailles, I usually eat plantains and black beans and chicken.

Drinks at Midnight
I love mojitos. Skybar has good mojitos. [They're made with] a lot of mint and fresh sugarcane and sugar. It's outdoor and indoor, and it's real comfortable. Nikki Beach is a great place to grab a margarita, hang out, and people-watch. People are hilarious in Miami. I usually drink either a martini or a Grey Goose and soda. When I'm lazy, I just stay at the Shore Club. But I usually go to the Mansion. It's a really big, fun club that has many different levels. There are different rooms and different music in the different rooms. Mynt Lounge is smaller and it usually plays sort of funk music, and that's a little bit more of a hangout place after you go to the Mansion. You'll go to Mynt on your way home.

Four a.m. Pastrami
Jerry's Famous Deli is open all night long. I definitely have gotten some takeout from there at, like, four or five in the morning. People stay up late in Miami. It just feels like it's the middle of the day, not like it's four in the morning. It feels more like it's noon. People are bright-eyed and bushy-tailed. They're just wearing a little bit more makeup, guys and girls. What do I usually get when I go to Jerry's? I usually get, like, a salad and … I don't know. I make my boyfriend get a dessert, though, so I can have some of his.

Flash Forward 40 Years
In the United States, of any place to retire, I definitely would pick Miami. I won't be blue-haired; I'll be fabulous. Yeah. I'll be more like, let me think, who's really great … Raquel Welch. I'll be lying out on the beach, living.