Workout upon Check-in
I like the gym at the Shore Club. I usually try and work out there because, you know, being at the beach or in a bathing suit all the time … They have a good spa there, too. I always try, as often as possible, to get a massage. The pool at the Delano is a good pool to hang out at. It's an infinity pool, [so it] doesn't have any edges. If you're staying in one of the rooms, you get to have your own bungalow and then have access to the pool area. And there's a huge chess set on the lawn, but I don't know how to play chess. I went to a great party at the Delano. Rufus Wainwright played, and we were eating outside, like, under the stars.

Caviar for Brunch, Lunch, or Dinner
I really like the Blue Door restaurant at the Delano. I always go there because they have caviar. And you can eat outside. You're eating at the top of steps, and you can look down to the pool, which leads to the beach. And then inside, there are a couple of pool tables, and it's a bit lounge-y. You know, if you want a romantic, quiet dinner, you can sit outside, but if you want to be part of the hustle and bustle, you can sit inside. I'm usually the outside girl, though. I like to be on my own with my friends. I don't really care about being seen so much. I really just go to the Blue Door because I like the caviar.

Immediately upon Awakening: the Beach
I wake up and grab a chair at the beach. There are three hotels: the Sagamore, the Ritz-Carlton, and the Shore Club. And the best chairs are the ones facing the water, because you get to look at the ocean while you're lying down. They [all] have the little chairs that are set up for you, and you can order food. I'm going to stay [at the Sagamore] when I go there for my Fantastic Four premiere.

Where Women with Curves Are Celebrated
After I get superhot, I just go swim, and then more sunscreen and reading and sleeping. There's no other place in the States where the water is that warm and the sand is white and clean. In Miami, women with curves are celebrated, and they just walk around different. They're real proud of their bodies, and I love that. You can tell the people who are from Miami, just their bods. They're usually really tan, and they have light hair and don't wear a lot of makeup. They wear real sexy outfits, and no matter what size, what age, it's all accepted.

Paying Homage to a Legend
I always go by the Versace mansion, just because it's fabulous. [His] was such a senseless death, so there's always a little bit of paying respect to a genius. I mean, Gianni Versace was incredible - what he did for clothes and for women, and the glamour that he added to couture. It was very wearable couture, and he was an icon. The mansion is unreal. It covers an entire block in Miami, and it's right on the strip. I haven't been inside because I keep missing the tours. It feels like someone literally swapped it out of Italy and plopped it in Miami. It's surrounded by so much art deco, it sticks out. It's, like, this little gem, and it's really, really lush and green. It feels historical.

The Shopping Comes to You (Sometimes)
I mostly go to Barneys Co-op in South Beach, which is all Barneys stuff from their stores in L.A. and New York. When I want to have big-time shopping, there's Bal Harbour Shops, a 20-minute drive from South Beach. All the big stores are there. And then there's Scoop, which is inside the Shore Club. Scoop is sort of just a mixture of really cute things. When you are going out and you didn't bring a dress, or if I have an event and I didn't buy jewelry, I go to Scoop. There's Me & Ro Jewelry, as well, a sort of spiritual-based store in the Shore Club. It's just a great place to go to if you forgot stuff.

The City Spirit in a Drugstore
What makes Miami so great isn't hanging out with celebrities. What makes it great is the vibe of the city. You feel like you're in Latin America. It feels more liberal. I like that when I would go into the Rite Aid in Miami, everyone was speaking Spanish to me. No one would speak En­glish at all. It wasn't, like, a mom-and-pop bodega - it was a Rite Aid. And I don't speak Spanish at all, so I just sort of piecemealed my own version of Spanish to get out of the store. They don't care that you don't speak Spanish, but they're going to speak Spanish to you regardless. People are real proud to be who they are, and, I don't know, I like it. I like that when you go to a place like Rite Aid or Walgreens, you know, they're going to speak in Spanish to you just because they can.