Muscled Men, Topless Women
Miami doesn't feel like the States. It feels like you're in Latin America. It's real sexy. The people primarily speak Spanish, and I just like the vibe. I like that it isn't American and conservative. I love that going to the beach, women are topless, and it is no big deal, and everyone is sexy and beautiful. Older men and women, younger men and women, all shapes and sizes - that's primarily why I like it. And the Cuban food is second to none.

Her Shiny, Chrome-Colored Heartthrob
We went to SeaWorld [to shoot some of Flipper]. It's pretty, like Disneyland. I never really cared about theme parks, so it was quite fitting that we went through the back entrance. My brother would run around and try to go to all the rides, but I didn't care - even when I was a kid. I just wanted to get in the water with the animals. I got to swim with a killer whale, which was pretty cool. I was totally with the dolphins the whole time. They're incredibly intelligent, way more intelligent than anybody would imagine. Their bodies are solid muscle. They're really, really, really strong. And they're really loyal. And they're just sweet. I usually would hug them too hard. Because you just have a hard time hugging them softly. That's when I thought, You know, when I'm older, this is a great place to retire.

A Sharp Contrast
I stayed at the Shore Club, mostly. And ate at the restaurant there [Nobu] constantly, the Japanese-Peruvian one. The Shore Club is an older hotel that they revamped. Very simple. The floors are all sandstone, and the beds are all white, and everything's pretty simple. I like that in Miami, because it's so hot. It's nice to not have a lot of clutter.

Tacos upon Landing
When I land, I go straight to San Loco Tacos. It's next to a gas station and across the street from this dive bar, and it's amazing. There are stools and you can sit up at the sort of bar area and watch them cook. It's a tiny little kitchen. There are two or three people, and they make everything right in front of you. It's authentic and it's yummy. You just have, like, a cold beer and a couple of tacos. I like the fish tacos and the chicken tacos. [The restaurant makes] really good chips, and they have good burritos. They're moist and taste like my grandmother's. I was presenting at the Latin Grammys and I ditched the big party that everyone was in town for so I could just go to San Loco Tacos, grab tacos, and hang out at the beach.