Jessica Alba is fantastic, both on-screen and off. But when she's in Miami, she just wants to be an Invisible Woman.

Jessica Alba is already envisioning retirement: a drink in one hand, a book in the other, her famous bod in a lounge chair on South Beach in Miami (pictured above), the city she's come to love like a second home. "I'll definitely retire there," she says, adding that she's already been scouting real estate, specifically a condo either in the residential section of the W Hotel or in a new high-rise called 900 Biscayne Bay.

For Alba, at 24, retirement seems very far away. But she tends to do things quickly, in two short years going from headlining her own TV series, Dark Angel (created by no less than Jim Cameron, who helmed the blockbuster Titanic), to reducing Bruce Willis to ruin as a smoldering femme fatale in the recent film Sin City. She's still on the go: This month, Alba stars as superhero Susan Storm/the Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four, the long-awaited film version of the longest-running comic book series in history.

It's always been this way for the Mexican-French-English-Danish daughter of an Air Force officer who moved his family from California to Mississippi to Texas and back to California again. Alba dreamed of becoming an actress at age five. Months after attending her first acting class, she landed a part on a TV series at 13. It was filmed partly in Miami, where she went to live while shooting the pilot and the first few episodes with her mother, brother, and tutor in tow. Her star was a well-muscled hunk named Flipper.

Flipper wrapped, but Alba's love affair with Miami didn't. These days, she gets back as often as she can. And have no doubt: She'll eventually move there. But in the meantime, here's where you'll find Alba until she hits retirement age.