When the going gets tough, the tough make to-do lists. It's gotten to be a hobby of ours.
The Missus and I seem to have a new hobby. I say "seem" because if my wife, Jessica, and I were asked our hobbies, we'd answer with pretty much the typical ones: Nitpicking the Behavior, Hygiene, and Appearance of Our Pre-Teen Son; Arguing over Everything, Including the Things We Agree On; and Going in Debt Through Impulse Purchases.

We wouldn't think to say Making To-Do Lists.

But we make to-do lists more than we do anything else. I'll make a list. She'll make a list. We'll get together on the couch over a glass of wine and put them together. It's nice when two people can share something they love.

Those who also enjoy this hobby recognize this time of year as the prime season for making to-do lists. Winter's almost over. Spring's almost here. Every-thing that you didn't do around the house in the last few months you can tell yourself you're going to do in the next few months.

Telling yourself you're going to do something is the essence of making to-do lists. It doesn't mean you actually do the things on this list. It just means you have a lot to do. And that's good because it indicates you have a full life, or could have if you did all these things.

That's the beauty of making to-do lists. They make you feel like you're doing something even as you're doing nothing at all.

I don't know how this particular hobby came about. I've never been a to-do-list-making type of person. I'd go so far as to say I've done a complete 180 on the matter, for in my youth I disdained all list making, to-do and otherwise.