On the road with Jeremy Piven

What is the first trip that you remember taking as a kid out of Chicago?
I'm from a theater family, so we didn't really have vacation; we didn't establish that law. Jumping on bicycles and riding up and down lake michigan - that's what we did, because we were gypsies, artists. We didn't have money, and that is just the way it was. That's what's so great about an amazing family: wherever we were, we made it our own, so we had a good time.

What do you take with you to Kauai?
What kind of packer are you? I try to be a light packer - that's the goal, but it never seems to work out that way. You just want to make sure that you know you are going to be really active there. If you've got shoes, you know you are going to be hiking, and you are going to get them dirty, that's for sure. It's just really casual there, so you bring shorts you can throw on over your bathing suit, or a t-shirt, so you can run and grab some food. You don't need to bring a lot for nighttime stuff. You don't need gear. You don't have to bring dress shirts or blazers or anything like that. You can just be very, very casual. It sort of allows you to travel a little lighter.

What do you carry with you as far as an Ipod, books, and so on?
You want to make sure you have reading material; it's a great place to read. It is actually an amazing place to meditate, which I try to do. I'm successful and unsuccessful. You can really do it anywhere - anywhere at all, but Kauai is a very powerful place, and you can tap into that pretty fast.

Do you take your Blackberry with you? And would a Blackberry even work in Kauai?
I don't know, man. I try to turn that thing off. My cell phone does work there, but on my last trip, thankfully, it didn't work.

So you are completely out of touch for how long?
Every time I go there for a week, I wish I had two. It's the kind of place I would suggest for anyone, if they could, to even stretch it out to 10 days. You won't regret it.