Where should we stay? What I like about the Four Seasons of Vegas is that it's very, very private. It's really hidden. If you want to go and chill out and not deal with the hoopla of Vegas right in the lobby of your hotel, it's great. It has its own little, private entrance into the Four Seasons part of things, but when you're ready to party, you can come out the secret entrance of your hotel and be right in the middle of it, which I think is genius. They should have more of that in Vegas, because the thing about Vegas is it's absolutely a blast, but it's exhausting. Nobody goes to Vegas for 10 days; I mean, you would just die. It's just so crazy, and you're always going, and there's always something to do - so it's like sensory overload.

Where did you go after dinner? Rain, a club at the Palms. It was really fun. We went dancing there, which was really awesome. It's a very chill club atmosphere. They have this floor kind of in the back of the place where, if you stand over it, you can see all down the Vegas strip, which is kind of scary. They play really good music, and I would highly recommend that as a place to go. And if people are like me and not really into the crazy, crazy scene, I would definitely suggest Rain.

Aside from your birthday at Rain, what is another great way to spend a night in Vegas? I've been dancing at Studio 54, which was fun, but that was a really long time ago. I'm not really a big party person, so somebody else would probably come up with something more interesting. I really just like to go to dinner, and I like to go to the shows. I like to see as many of the shows as I can. Cirque du Soleil's O is amazing. We also saw Le Rêve last time we were there, which was incredible, and everyone should go see that. Cirque du Soleil is like being in a dream you've had that's just a little off. It's the most beautiful thing you could ­experience. What these people can do with their bodies and how they do it to the music and the way that they do it is just truly extraordinary. O is one of my favorite shows because it's all done pretty much underwater. I really want to go back to Vegas to see Love, the new Beatles one they have. It's a new Cirque du Soleil production involving the Beatles music.

Okay, it's probably coming up on dawn now. Where would you go for breakfast? Denny's is always a good choice for pancakes. It's just good! Especially when you wake up tired from being in Vegas, or if you've been up. When you're exhausted from all the noise and all the atmosphere, there's something very calming and childlike about just getting up and throwing on your comfy clothes and going to Denny's and having a big stack of pancakes. The other place I love to eat at in Vegas is Café Gelato at the Bellagio. It's a breakfast place where you can get crepes in the morning, and they have panini and ice cream and gelato and stuff like that. It's toward the back of the hotel. The Nutella-and-banana crepe is really good - very decadent. They also have really good ham-and-cheese panini.

What's your best memory of Las Vegas? I was touring with my band, and we took the tour bus into Vegas just for fun. We had been on the road for a while, but we finally had a break in the schedule. We pulled up to the hotel in our big bus, sort of late at night because I had performed somewhere in L.A. earlier in the day. We all got out and immediately bought big, funny, gold Elvis glasses and took pictures of ourselves in them. Then we went in and gambled and hung out. The next day, we lay by the pool a little bit and gambled a bit more, then got on the bus and came back. There is something very freeing about Las Vegas and fun and silly. You can't really go to Vegas and be serious. It's a city where people feel like they can go and let loose, and nobody's going to judge them.