Let's back up before you get poolside - where do you shop in Vegas? Louis Vuitton [at the Wynn] is literally my version of heaven. I don't know how to describe it - it's just huge. They have all of their bags and everything. I'd probably go to the Caesars Forum Shops first because they are really fun, and it's a good place to start. They also have a Louis Vuitton, and they carry more clothes there than they do at the Wynn. Then, I would probably go to the Aladdin and go to the little shops in there, just because they have really silly, fun stuff to buy. It has more of a market feel, and you don't spend as much money as you would at the Bellagio or Caesars shops. But you can go home with a bunch of really fun stuff for your friends. The stores at the Wynn and the Bellagio and Caesars just have a glamour about them that I think is really neat. Vegas is really fun, but not all parts of Vegas are glamorous. The stores at those three hotels really make you feel like you're on Rodeo Drive. I would go to the Bellagio and go to the Prada store, which is my favorite store to go to there. I would probably cry about how much money I spent at Prada, and then I would probably go after that to the Wynn. I normally buy an outfit from the Prada store to wear that night, so I would probably try to find a new purse or a pair of shoes to go with my new outfit.

Where would you wear the new outfit? Let's start with dinner. I absolutely love the atmosphere at Prime Steakhouse at the ­Bellagio. It just feels kind of old-school, and I love all the dark wood and everything. I love the food, and the people there are just great. I also love Olives at the Bellagio, because you can sit outside and see the fountain and hear the music and watch the people go by. It's really fun, and the food is just amazing. And there's Little Buddha. It's at the Palms and has really good sushi and Chinese food. It has a cool little atmosphere - it's done all in red and black. I actually had my birthday there.

How did you celebrate? We had dinner at the Little Buddha, and it was really yummy­ and everybody really seemed to like it. I had never been to the Palms before, but they were lovely enough to invite and host 14 of my family and friends for my birthday. My best friend, Jenny, and her husband got to be there and my mom, my brother, my ­sister-in-law, my great boyfriend, and a couple of people from Ghost Whisperer got to be there. It was really great because we were in the middle of working and it was right before the end of the season, so it was fun to get away for the week.

So tell me about your first time there. The first time I was in Las Vegas was a while ago. I think I was maybe 12 or 13. I remember going to Circus Circus and how cool I thought it was because you could win all these toys and stuff like that. We stayed at the Flamingo Hilton. While we were checking in, my mom went and put a few quarters in the slot machine just for fun. Then we heard screaming, and my older brother and I were like, "That's our mom's scream!" We had not even finished checking in yet, and my mom had won $2,500 on three quarters! My mom has unbelievable luck in Las Vegas.

Does that lucky streak run in the family? I don't have any luck. My mom has all the luck when it comes to gambling. But one time I won $2,500 on a Slingo machine at Paris Las Vegas. I will never forget it because I was so excited, you would have thought I had won a million dollars. They came over and counted out twenty-five $100 bills in my hand. So my mom and I went up to the room, and we took all the money­ we had won and threw it around on the bed. We have some silly picture of me lying on a bed in Las Vegas with all of our winnings.

How much money did you have to put in the Slingo machine before you hit the jackpot? I think, like, $20. But I don't gamble with more than $200 in Vegas. That is my limit. I bought everyone dinner. And I bought a pair of Prada shoes.