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In her CBS series, Ghost Whisperer, Jennifer Love Hewitt plays a newlywed ­antiques-store owner with a gift for communicating with the dead. But in real life, Hewitt likes to walk among the living in one of the most frenetic cities on earth, Las Vegas. Although the dark-haired beauty lives in Los Angeles, she regularly ­escapes to Vegas from an increasingly hectic schedule. It's been getting busier by the moment ever since Hewitt rolled out of Killeen, Texas, set on becoming a star.

She already had a good start. At age three, she was in tap dancing and ballet classes. At four, she entertained a Texas restaurant/dance-hall audience with her version of "Help Me Make It through the Night." By six, Hewitt sang Whitney Houston's "Greatest Love of All" at a livestock show. At eight, she joined a song-and-dance troupe called the Texas­ Show Team, which toured the world for LA Gear. After moving to Los Angeles with her mom, the young actress appeared first in scores of TV commercials, then in the Disney kids' series Kids Incorporated, and soon after, in the popular TV series Party of Five. It wasn't long before she was starring in films such as Heartbreakers, I Know What You Did Last Summer, The Tuxedo, and as the legendary Audrey Hepburn in the TV movie The Audrey Hepburn Story.­ In 2005, she landed her starring role on Ghost Whisperer. All along, she's also been working as a singer/songwriter, touring the world and releasing four albums.

In between everything, she fell in love with Las Vegas. "It's just so lit up and beautiful; it feels like Disneyland for adults," she says. "I've had the pleasure of driving to Vegas a couple of times, and when you drive into it at night, it's just gorgeous. You feel like you're in the middle of a pinball machine." Here's where Jennifer Love Hewitt plays in Las ­Vegas.

Where should we stay if we want nonstop sensory overload? The Palms has these really cool suites. I was in the hot-pink suite, where everything was done in a very '80s style. It had this huge living room and this big shower thing that was kind of in the middle of the room and all these disco lights, so you could feel like Donna Summer when you were in the shower. They also have a basketball suite that we got to see. It has a basketball court in the room, and everybody gets a jersey when they check in. It has two bedrooms, and everyone has their own locker. It's just crazy. They have amazing places at that hotel. I also love the Bellagio. I haven't stayed at the Wynn yet, but I went there the last time I was in Vegas. You feel like you're in a palace. I didn't go see any of the rooms, but we went and saw a show there and ate dinner at their steak house, SW Steakhouse, which was really good.

You struck it rich at Paris Las Vegas. What are your other favorite casinos? Anywhere that has a Wheel of Fortune is the most fun. It's the amusement park of slot machines. People talk to you on the machine, and they applaud for you, which is exciting because when you're gambling, you want to feel like people are rooting you on. I like the New York New York because you feel like you are really there. You look around and feel like you are somewhere else. The machines are great, and it's really fun. And you can go grab a slice of pizza in between if you want, and I really enjoy that. I love the Bellagio casino. And I did gamble at the Wynn, and that was really neat. It was just beautiful. Their blackjack tables were really pretty.

What do you do in Vegas during the day? I probably go shopping for a while, and we usually lie by the pool.

Okay, which pool? The Mandalay Bay, which is next to the Four Seasons and has the best pool. It has these really neat cabana things where you can cover up if you want shade, which, if you're in Vegas, most of the time you do, because it's too hot. It's just a really nice pool. Some of the other pools are ­supercrowded, and you just feel like you're at a rock concert more than you are at a pool. The Mandalay Bay's pool is really nice and relaxing.