"On Sundays, when I'm not working, I love to window-shop up and down Fifth Avenue. Some of my favorite stores are on that street. The window displays on Fifth are fantastic. I love to peek in the windows at Fendi for the new bags and shoes. I love looking at the new clothes in the windows at Saks and Henri Bendel. But my favorite thing is window-shopping at Tiffany's. Sure, Tiffany's is closed on Sundays, but I'm window-shopping anyway. Why? Because a girl's gotta dream."


I had a big surprise birthday party at Lotus for my 30th birthday last year, and it was really cool. I had been working on my new movie, Angel Eyes, and came home to New York to spend my birthday with my family. I could have gone anywhere for my birthday: to Miami or back to Los Angeles or to some island where I could have just been by myself to relax. But instead I decided to go home. And it was the best thing, because I got to share it with everybody. It turned out that Puff [recording artist Sean "Puffy" Combs] had planned this big party for me at Lotus. I walked in and I thought we were going to somebody else's party. But all of New York was there. Not just my family, but everybody in New York who means something to me. Tito Nieves sang 'Happy Birthday' to me with his band. 'N Sync was there. My whole family, friends, people I work with. It made me feel incredible. It made me feel like there's no place like home."