It should come as no surprise that Garner chose children as her focus, considering the natural gift for being maternal she possesses. Her close friend and Alias costar Victor Garber has said of her, “She’s probably the best mother I’ve ever witnessed.” At the moment, Garner describes her ultimate luxury as getting to spend a few moments with Seraphina alone and focus solely on her. She also savors the time she gets to spend in the kitchen, baking and cooking for her family. “Yesterday, I made ice cream for the first time since Seraphina was born,” she says. “The day before, I made banana bread.” Suddenly, it’s clear why the actress-slash-homemaker has a golden Lab named Martha Stewart, who, she notes, is also a food lover. “She’s a great kid dog, although she’ll eat food right out of their hands,” she says. “So she has to be outside during meals.”

When Garner isn’t whipping up goodies in the kitchen or spending quality time with the kids, you might find her, along with Affleck, catching a Red Sox game on TV or, when they can, live at Fenway Park. Garner happily adopted her husband’s favorite pastime when they exchanged vows. “It’s like a soap opera: You watch three or four in a row and you start to recognize patterns and characters and faces, and suddenly, you’re hooked,” she says.

But for all her resolve to embrace happiness -- in her career, in her charity work, and with her husband and children -- baseball might be the one area where that proves impossible for her.

“Sometimes, I’m a little more psycho about it than Ben is,” she admits. “He is pretty chill. He is always like, ‘It’s a long season.’ And that’s where I go a little crazier than he does. I hate when they’re playing sloppily. I just take it personally! And free agency? It’s just too much heartbreak for one girl.”