These days, whether by choice or by circumstance, Garner has plenty to be happy about. In January, she and her husband, Ben Affleck, expanded their family, which already included three-year-old Violet, welcoming their second daughter, Seraphina. The switch from being a family of three to being a family of four has been an easier transition than Garner expected. “You just have to stay in constant motion and not try to fit anything else in,” she offers. Despite their high-wattage status, she and Affleck are often photographed living their lives as normally as possible: retrieving Violet from preschool, grabbing fresh vegetables from their local farmers market, making a dressed-down Starbucks run, and engaging in all sorts of other gratifying family outings a noncelebrity family would also enjoy. Garner has found satisfaction not only in her home life but also in her professional career, where she’s in high demand after her recent successes on the big screen (Juno) and onstage (Broadway’s Cyrano de Bergerac). In fact, America’s most relatable sweetheart is back in theaters this month, costarring alongside Matthew McConaughey in Ghosts of Girlfriends Past, a crowd-pleaser of a film that deals with the nagging, universal question, what if?