The baby was born on August 5, 2003. Within a day, the family was back at what had become their favorite restaurant, an unassuming place whose interior resembles a ship, called the Ark. "It's right off Ken­sington High Street, literally across the street and about five doors down from where we were staying," she says. "It's a really sweet little Italian restaurant, and we used to go, I kid you not, probably three times a week. We used to go so much that when our baby was first born, we went back to the house and Paul had him in one of those slings, a baby carrier, sort of nestled. It was summertime. It was really hot. Paul had no shirt on, and he had the baby in the sling and he was barefoot, and he said, 'I have to go show the guys in the Ark!' I said, 'Honey, you're barefoot!' And he said, 'I know! I know! I'm just going to go down and show them.' And he went down barefoot to show them, because we'd been there so often."

They named their baby Stellan, in honor of Paul's actor friend Stellan Skarsgård. It was the perfect name for an already extremely cosmopolitan kid who had experienced most of London before he was even born.