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Dining On the Road
Order up some drunken shrimp with a side of sunshine at the Gumbo Pot at the Los Angeles Farmers Market. Later, while the rest of the town is downing salads before they hit the gym, indulge in some fried catfish and oysters. 6333 West Third Street (corner of Third and Fairfax), (323) 933-0358, www.thegumbopotla.com

One of the best deals in Dallas is the served-year-round summer platter at Aw Shucks Oyster Bar. For just $19, you'll haul in plenty for two people - a half pound of boiled shrimp, a half pound of crab legs, a half pound of sausage (well, it never hurts to have a little red meat), boiled potatoes, and corn. 3601 Greenville Avenue, (214) 821-9449, www.aw-shucks.com

Jimbo's Place is easily the most unusual eatery on our list; just outside Miami, it's the only place we know of where, for $10 a pound, you can order up smoked salmon, marlin, or tuna (smoked fish is all Jimbo serves) and a beer to enjoy while watching (or playing) a bit of boccie. Go and hang out. You'll be happy. Duck Lake Road, Virginia Key, (305) 361-7026, www.jimbosplace.com

There are neighborhood sushi spots aplenty in New York, but Hamachi gets our vote for having some of the most innovative (and not too pricey) rolls around. We're hooked on the nutty tuna roll, which wins awards for the best use of macadamia nuts this side (or any side) of Hawaii. Pair it with the eel-icious joshi-noshi maki roll for a taste-buds-a-poppin' meal. 34 East 20th Street, (212) 420-8608, www.hamachisushi.com

After a day of watching surfers on Maui's coast, we tool over to Paia and get in line at the Paia Fish Market. Their $7 Mahi burger serves up a bigger (and tastier) piece of fish than any fine-dining establishment on the mainland - and their onion rings rock our world. 110 Hana Highway, (808) 579-8030