Movies We're Waiting to See, if Only for Their Handsome Casts

THE MOVIE: The Other Boleyn Girl
THE PRETTY PEOPLE: Natalie Portman, Scarlett Johansson, Eric Bana
BRUSH UP ON YOUR BRITISH HISTORY: Before Henry VIII (played here by The Hulk's Bana) got divorced, he got married. Before that, his affections were the source of a fierce competition between Anne Boleyn (played by Portman) and her sister, Mary (played by Johansson).
WILMA OR BETTY? RACHEL OR MONICA? NATALIE OR SCARLETT? Who's your favorite? And who do you think should win the king's heart? That probably depends on what you know about what the real-life winner ended up losing. (Hint: It was her head.)

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THE MOVIE: Leatherheads
THE PRETTY PEOPLE: George Clooney, Renée Zellweger, and John Krasinski
SPRINGTIME FOR FOOTBALL: It will actually be baseball season by the time this football-themed film hits theaters in the spring. And perhaps that's appropriate, given that the plot of Leatherheads sounds a lot like that of Bull Durham. It's about an aging pro athlete competing with a green but talented rookie for the affections of a hardscrabble woman who follows their team's every move.
KEVIN COSTNER DOES NOT APPEAR: The truth is, Leatherheads isn't really like Bull Durham at all. Leatherheads is set in the post-World War I Midwest. It was directed by Clooney, who also stars in it. And where Bull Durham reveled in sports clichés and sentimentality, Leatherheads - costarring Zellweger as a sports reporter and The Office's Krasinski as the rookie - spins the clichés for comic effect. Plus, people hit each other really hard and no one mentions the novels of Susan Sontag.