Boxed In

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Box wines aren't bottom of the barrel anymore - even top vineyards are stocking store shelves with them. One box holds about four bottles' worth, and the wine will stay good for four to six weeks. Boxes are also easier to take to the beach. One to try: Dtour Mâcon-Villages 2004 (which, actually, comes in a tube), $37 (which works out to $9.25 a bottle).

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On the Rise
Torrontes, a Spanish grape now grown in Argentina, was "basically put on the planet to make all seafood taste even better," says Wesson. One to try: 2005 Crisol Torrontes ($9). "It's like biting into a Granny Smith apple," he raves.

Uncorking the Truth

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There's no need to struggle. We found four stylish openers that will help you get to the good stuff with ease.

If you've got the space and aren't one for the modern look, the old-world appeal of the Estate Combo Wine Opener with Stand - and the very-easy-to-use lever action - is hard to beat. (Stand not shown.) $95.

Learn the how-to of using a waiter's corkscrew - and you'll never use anything else again. They're just so, well, cool. Oxo Steel's Waiter's Corkscrew has grippy-soft comfort and looks perfectly swank in a stylish bachelor pad. $12.

Give Screwpull's Trilogy Table Corkscrew a few turns, and, like magic, the cork slowly climbs up and out of the bottle - requiring no upper-arm strength from you. The look? Chic elegance inspired by a spaceship. $25.

Metrokane's Rabbit Lever Vacuum Pump has been around for a while, but it's never looked this good. The new special-edition VIP set in polished chrome and black leather is, quite simply, sexy. And freakishly easy to use. $125.