Jenna Dewan-Tatum with Witches of East End co-stars (from left) Daniel DiTomasso and Eric Winter
Joseph Viles/Lifetime

Proving she’s much more than Channing Tatum’s wife, actress and new mom Jenna Dewan-Tatum is spellbinding on Witches of East End.

Yes, Jenna Dewan-Tatum sure seems to have it all. The sultry backup-dancer-turned-actress has a successful career, having starred on The Playboy Club, American Horror Story: Asylum and, beginning last month, Lifetime’s Witches of East End. She’s got a hot husband in Channing Tatum, whom she met on the set of their 2006 dance drama Step Up. And in May, they welcomed a baby girl, Everly.

But it’s impossible to hate the humble and down-to-earth starlet, who decidedly does things her own way, from making surprising career choices (see: the atrocities she endured on last season’s American Horror Story: Asylum) to refusing to succumb to Hollywood’s post-baby-body pressures. “It’s wild, this thing that society does to new moms,” she says. “After Everly was born, it was never about fitting into my skinny jeans. I don’t have the space in my brain at this moment to think like that.”

Still, the actress cuts a fine form — and shows off some wicked wiles — as the impetuous Freya on East End, and she’s enjoying the chance to play the femme fatale. “She’s definitely the wild child,” Dewan-Tatum says. “As women, we tend to stifle that part of us a bit, so it’s really been freeing to play her.”

Balancing a full-time TV gig with new motherhood has been eye-­opening for the East Coast–born, Texas-­raised 32-year-old, though it’s helped working on a set dominated by females, including Julia Ormond and Rachel Boston. “All day long, we talk about babies,” Dewan-Tatum admits. “I have all these experienced mamas giving me great advice. The supportive energy has saved me, for sure.”

She also credits the support of her husband, who, despite having a busy career of his own, puts family first. In turn, Dewan-Tatum, who earned her East End role without the help of any witchcraft, takes good care of her spouse, mixing up herbal remedies he calls “witch concoctions” anytime he falls ill. “No one stays sick in my house,” she laughs. So what’s her recipe? She’s not sharing. “That’s my little witchy secret.”