Like all expatriate tech workers, Americans will follow the jobs, which, for the moment, means they are happy to stay in Bangalore.The weather is always beautiful, hovering between 60 and 90 degrees year-round. And the experience of living in another country opens the eyes to other cultures, as well as allows for a more philosophical view of your home of origin. When asked if they would move here again if given the chance, a resounding yes was the answer.

“We are a product of our experiences, and this experience will definitely have a lasting impact on me,” says Chopra.

“I can’t even begin to spell out the crea­tivity that can come out of a developing country like India,” says Joanna. “The sky is the limit. It is a great place if you are a pioneer type.”

Regrets are few, says Zand of his time in Bangalore. “If I could do this again, I would drag one less suitcase to India. You can find everything you need in the local mall or ­supermarket.”

"Moving to Bangalore could be a bittersweet experience. But it’s not. Life in Bangalore is just different."