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Sure, he told you not to get him anything, but every father likes to feel appreciated. Here are a few gestures that go the extra mile.

1 EP Martin Cartridge Watch Named after the founder’s grandfather, an Air Force crew chief in WWII, EP Martin makes sleek military-style tickers like this square, nylon-strapped Cartridge that was inspired by the FP-45 Liberator pistol once used by the Office of Strategic Services. It even has a 200-meter depth rating, and a portion of its purchase will benefit H20 Africa. $695, www.epmartinusa.com

2 Vintage Rock Posters Is Pops always going on and on -- and on -- about that epic Jefferson Airplane show at the Fillmore? Then get him the actual poster from the concert and maybe he’ll forget about those lovely ties you’ve given him for the past five years. From $20, www.wolfgangsvault.com

3 Samsung HZ15W
Most dads, especially new ones, are point-and-shooters, and if you want a serious tool that won’t set you back a grand, Samsung’s HZ15W is perfect. It’s got a 24-millimeter wide-angle Schneider lens with a 10X optical zoom and a three-inch LCD screen that allows for auto or manual shooting. Just get ready to say cheese -- a lot. $330, www.samsung.com

4 Géranium Pour Monsieur
Frédéric Malle’s Editions de Parfums produces scents by the best noses in the world, and the latest, Géranium pour Monsieur, is a “fresh mint fl oral” from Armani collaborator Dominique Ropion that’s warm enough for all men -- and all seasons. $135, www.barneys.com

5 Motorola Evoke QA4
Evoking the iPhone’s seamless touch-screen capabilities, yet equipped with a handy slide-out traditional keypad , Motorola’s new Evoke is what the brand calls a socially inclined device. Translation: This sleek phone lets you use a full HTML browser while customizing your screen with integrated widgets and blog feeds so you can post videos, pics, or your latest tweet online. It’s perfect for the dad on the go who wants to keep up with his kids on YouTube and MySpace. $100 with a two-year customer agreement, www.motorola.com

6 Apolis Activism Katin Shorts
In 2004, the Brothers Parton -- Raan, Shea, and Stenn -- founded Apolis Activism to help create opportunities for workers in developing countries by bringing their textiles to the world market. The brothers also make some choice threads, like these nearly indestructible board shorts for Katin, which commemorate the legendary outfitter’s 50th anniversary. $110, www.contextclothing.com

7 BabyBjörn Baby Carrier Active
This Swedish brand has been making baby carriers for more than 35 years, but your daddy-to-be should be rocking some modern gear. Get him BabyBjörn’s latest Active carrier, which is PVCfree and available in a variety of colors. Dad will be as stylish as he is safe. $130, www.babybjorn.com

8 Weber 26.75" One-Touch Gold Grill
A decade ago, Weber discontinued their original 26.75-inch kettle grill, but it’s back this year -- and it’s badder than ever with a Tuck-Away lid, a built-in thermometer, and two charcoal holders. And what papa wouldn’t love 508 square inches of stainless-steel grill action? $349, www.weber.com

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