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The Prediction
Asked for a set-in-stone, ne’er-to-be-disavowed prediction for the 2011–2012 national champion, Bilas doesn’t hedge on his earlier praise for North Carolina. He sees the Tar Heels taking down ?Kentucky in the title game, set for April 2 in New Orleans’ venerable Superdome, with Ohio State and Syracuse filling out the Final Four. At the same time, he cautions against premature predictions and the notion that any team in this era of relative parity should feel too comfortable about its chances.
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“Fifteen years ago, you and I could’ve sat down at the Final Four and we would have had a really good idea of who the top 10 teams in the country were going to be the next year. We’d know exactly who would be the preseason All-Americans. You could count on it,” he quips. “Now, you can’t. Now, any team can be upset in a one-and-done scenario. So anybody who thinks they can accurately predict this stuff is a little bit loopy.”