“Team coming up on the right,” Calene screams.

“I see ’em.”

Actually, I have been keeping a wary eye on the team for the last mile.

“So let’s pick it up,” the demure one barks into one of my mud-clogged ears. “No one passes us in the pit.”

And they don’t.

Afterward, we hose down, then sip cold Red Hook in the beer garden. An 11 a.m. brewski feels oddly appropriate following a morning of Muddy Buddy.

“I could do that again,” Calene remarks.

“Maybe we could do an Eco-Challenge together,” I suggest. Callie is now a full-tilt adventure queen. It’s time to kick it up a notch.

“Honey,” she says, throwing her arm around my neck and giving me a kiss. “That’s never gonna happen.”

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