These unique, head-turning gadgets do have some quirks. Manuals, for example, are usually in Japanese (though both retailers do English translations of basic getting-started documentation), and Japanese keyboards, for one, are different from those in the States. Still, wouldn't it be cool to be the only one in the office - heck, in your area code - with a laptop that weighs about the same as a hamster?

Here are five of our favorite items you can't yet find in the U.S.

Yes, sitting in front of the Fujitsu L-Series Desktop Computer ($2,699 from Japan Direct, $2,699 to $3,799 from Dynamism) will make you feel like a big-name CEO. Simultaneously compact and roomy, this striking one-piece PC oozes power without taking up too much space on your desk. The Fujitsu L is also an ideal home entertainment system, with a widescreen 17-inch LCD display, wireless keyboard and mouse, powerful stereo speakers, a DVD player, and even a cable jack that lets you watch live TV. The higher-end version adds a massive 120GB hard drive, a DVD writer, and a more powerful processor.

At half an inch thick and only 2.1 pounds, the Sharp Mebius MM1 Laptop ($1,999 from Dynamism) is the thinnest in the world, but is surprisingly usable with a full keyboard and 10.4-inch color screen. For road warriors, it offers built-in wireless networking, more than three hours of battery life, and Windows XP running on an 867MHz processor - good enough for Web surfing or office work. The Mebius makes a perfect second computer, as it comes with a unique cradle that attaches to your desktop PC; drop the Mebius into the cradle when you're at home, and you can move data back and forth between your two machines at top speed.