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Founder Janel Luu hit the beauty jackpot when she developed her multifunctional skin-care line, Le Mieux, which sets itself apart by replacing the traditional water-based formulas used in most creams, serums and lotions (in Luu’s opinion, diluted formulas) with a more potent blend of hyaluronic acid-based antiaging ingredients that include peptides aimed at improving skin at the cellular level. Whatever the science, we know a good thing when we see it. We especially love the spa-quality effects of the Bio Cell+ Mask ($30 for four packets). The hydrating gel cools and calms tired skin with freeze-dried marine collagen and antiaging peptides, and skin looks refreshed in a mere 20 minutes. Plus, the handy individual packaging of each mask makes it perfect for traveling — after all, who couldn’t use a skin boost after a long flight? We also love the daily-use Rx Complex Serum ($65), which smoothes and brightens skin, as well as minimizes fine lines and sunspots with a fast-absorbing form of vitamin C.