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An up-and-coming comedic genius herself, Lynch got to work with comedienne extraordinaire Carol Burnett when Burnett guested on Glee as Sue’s mother.
Mike Yarish/FOX

Something new? Well, there’s Lynch’s role as Mother Superior in the Farrelly brothers’ upcoming incarnation of The Three Stooges. She’s part of the sister act, alongside Larry David’s Sister Mary-Mengele and Jennifer Hudson’s Sister Rosemary, who raise the Stooges at an orphanage. “It’s a hilarious script,” she says. “They really nailed the Stooges themselves. The film is modern-day but a throwback in terms of how it’s written.”

She has also teamed up with Jason Alexander — Larry David’s fellow Seinfeld alum — as part of the voice cast for the En­glish translation of the Indian animated film Delhi Safari. “We play flamingos, husband and wife,” she says. “We’re the Lunt and Fontanne of the animal kingdom.”

But what fans really want to know is: What’s new with Sue this season on Glee? Lynch can’t wait to find out either. “I’m really excited because we ended last season with me renouncing my terrorizing of the Glee Club,” she says. “And we found a really soft place in her, which we’ve seen before but I think it may stick a little more. This is an election year, and Sue will be running for Congress. I think there’s a whole lot we can do with that.”

Lynch hopes — fingers crossed — that she’ll be watching the new season back in her L.A. home, which has been under renovation the past year. She’s adding on a second story and transforming her cozy bachelorette pad into a more spacious family retreat to accommodate her wife — psychologist Lara Embry, whom she married in May 2010 — and Embry’s 10-year-old daughter, Haden. When the opening bell rings for each Glee episode, you’ll find the three of them watching the show together.

“As I watch it, I’m criticizing in my head how old I am or how fat I look,” Lynch says. “Lara can tell when I’m doing it. She’ll do this,” she says, playfully slapping her shoulder, “and say, ‘Stop it!’ So then I turn around and say, ‘Hey, I’m good!’ ”

And it’s not just her own performance she’s taking note of. “I’m never around when the kids shoot. Ever. So when I watch the show I’m so impressed with their acting,” she says. “And the writing is just so good, so heartfelt and so current. Ryan [Murphy, the show’s co-creator] is a terrific observer. He can grab on to a person’s vulnerability, something that makes him or her different, and go right to that. Glee is about needing to be the star, the one who breaks out and yet really just wants to be loved.”

Recognition, success and love: Lynch has them all. While her coffee mug may need an occasional refill, her cup runneth over. She’s finally found a happy ending to go with her many happy accidents along the way.