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After years of wrestling with uncertainty, Glee star Jane Lynch found success after finding herself.

The latte appears out of nowhere, an oversized mug with a perfectly formed foam heart at its center. “Did you make that for me?” a surprised Jane Lynch asks as the waiter places the cup in front of her. He nods. “We saw you come in,” he replies with a smile.
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Lynch opposite Steve Carell in The 40-Year-Old Virgin
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Lynch wasn’t planning on having her third latte of the day — at least, not just yet. While the Emmy Award–winning star of Glee gets her daily coffee fix(es) at this bustling West Hollywood café that’s around the corner from her house, this drop-in was strictly for a lunchtime chat. However, Lynch is not one to turn down an opportunity — cup of coffee or otherwise — when she sees one. “You made it, I’ll drink it. Thanks!” she says, returning the smile. She swirls the heart with her spoon and takes a sip. “If you think I’m hopped up now, just wait.”

Luckily, fans don’t have to wait for their next Jane Lynch fix. To paraphrase one of Lynch’s first lines as Glee’s tyrannical cheerleading coach, Sue Sylvester, her career isn’t just hot right now — it’s scalding. Within the past month, she has hosted the Primetime Emmy Awards (making her just the third woman to do so solo); her memoir, Happy Accidents, has hit bookstores; and she’s back on track (and in tracksuits) as season three of Glee unfurls on Fox.

If you’re not among the 11 million weekly viewers (on average) who follow this top-rated Fox show about underdogs in a high school choir, here’s a sampling of Sue’s adventures that you missed last year on Glee:
  1. Sue and her Cheerios squad lost their quest for a seventh consecutive national title after her top three cheerleaders bolted for the Glee Club.
  2. She formed a League of Doom to destroy the Glee Club before their national competition in New York.
  3. Sue’s estranged mother (played by Carol Burnett) returned after decades abroad.
  4. Sue married … herself.
  5. Her older sister, Jean, who had Down syndrome, passed away.
  6. She vowed to run for Congress under the Sue Sylvester American Liberty Party.
“Just when I get thinking, ‘Am I ever going to get to do anything different than walking down the hall and terrorizing the Glee Club?’ they give me something so tasty and delicious,” Lynch says.