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People often say that our strongest sense is that of smell, so it’s only natural that a pure fragrance would be the most powerful. Ajne Organic Perfume & Apothecary makes scents that are free of artificial fragrances by using oils extracted from plants grown at their location on California’s Central Coast and gathered from small farmers worldwide. Their signature perfumes blend with the wearer’s personal chemistry to make them unique and a favorite among Hollywood stars, including Kate Beckinsale, Rob Lowe and Molly Sims.

Now Ajne’s president and organic perfumer, Jane Hendler, is bringing her smart scents to travel, creating custom fragrances for all Rosewood and several Four Seasons resorts worldwide, in turn providing guests with their own “scented memory.” Hendler uses oils from native flora to enhance each property’s scent, while taking into account its setting and surrounding culture. The resulting fragrance is then diffused throughout the property (including the guest rooms), incorporated into custom spa treatments and sold as perfume and candles.

For the Four Seasons Hotel Toronto, Hendler crafted a rich scent, grounded in patchouli, sandalwood and cedarwood, that’s worthy of the hotel’s corporate headquarters. At the Rosewood Abu Dhabi, Hendler’s fragrance captures the essence of Middle East marketplaces, with a sandalwood base and deep, rich notes of ancient patchouli and earthy vetiver.