AMERICAN WAY: Obviously, you're a big music fan, a fact that is underscored by the tasty selections on Fifteen's sound system. Where around town do you go to hear it live?
OLIVER: As far as clubs go, Jazz Café is really good. They get a lot of modern acts, sometimes acid jazz or soul music. It's in Camden and is dead funky, which I find to be very cool. But I am still a massive lover of Ronnie Scott's. I love the place because it exudes this kind of American style from the '50s and '60s. It's a real music lover's place. I find it to be totally inspiring.

AMERICAN WAY: Do any particular nights there stand out?
OLIVER: My wife, Jools, took me there when we were just boyfriend and girlfriend. It was my 21st or 23rd birthday. Roy Ayers was playing, and I love Roy Ayers. Jools was kind enough to get us fed there, which is always a bad move, but I went ahead with it so as not to upset her. Ronnie Scott came out before Roy Ayers' set, and he said, "If you're eating the burger" - which I was - "and happen to find a hair, don't complain. Our chef's a gorilla." I felt really sick after hearing that, but it was still a good night.

AMERICAN WAY: Let's cut to a more savory tip. When you're leaving town and you want to bring a gift to a fellow foodie, where do you shop before taking off?
OLIVER: Definitely a cheese store. Either Neal's Yard Dairy or La Fromagerie. I like to get the best of Scottish, Welsh, Irish, and English cheeses. Here's what I go for: Keen's Cheddar, which is eating well at the moment; Stinking Bishop, a really creamy, soft, and wonderful cheese that smells much stronger than it actually is; and Wigmore, which is the English equivalent of brie. The other thing I do is go to Blagden's, a fishmonger with the best smoked Scotch salmon in the world. I take it to people in Japan and Italy and they go absolutely mental.