"You can take a long walk or a rollerblade or a bike ride on the boardwalk all the way from Malibu down to Manhattan Beach and spend the day down by the ocean. Up in Malibu, at Point Dume, are these beautiful tide pools. You see sea lions; it's incredible."

"Sunday is at The Polo Lounge at The Beverly Hills Hotel. The food is what I call hotel food, which I love. Like Cobb salad, a light fish and vegetable, something simple. The Polo Lounge is pink and green. There's this very dark bar area. And it's this wonderful thing where your eyes have to adjust. Then you walk outside and it's an incredibly bright patio. The great thing about The Beverly Hills Hotel is that you never have to leave. What's that line from 'Hotel California'? 'You can check out but you can never leave.' The one great thing about this city and the climate is that you end up at a little place and you just don't want to leave. You want to stay there and relax."


"I still remember going to Disneyland when I was a little girl. They call it the Magic Kingdom for a reason. We would get up early and stay at the Disneyland Hotel. You got a ticket book and the rides were separated into letters. The A tickets were for kiddie rides, and then you would progress to the B tickets for the aerial tramway … until you got to the E ticket, which was for the Matterhorn and the adventure rides. … Every time I go I still get a Minnie Mouse hat with 'Jamie' on it. I remember being transported to a different place, a fantasyland. What I've learned about living in Los Angeles is that you can do and be anything. L.A. is one big E ticket. You need a car, but you can take that little booklet and go all around our city and find everything you would ever want to do. It's truly a magic kingdom."