"Le Pain Quotidien is newish on Santa Monica Boulevard. It's a Belgian patisserie and bakery. They do fresh bread and granola and yogurt, which is my kind of breakfast. Very light. Good coffee. I might also go to the Broadway Deli down on the Third Street Promenade. It's pancakes and scrambled eggs, a hearty hash browns kind of breakfast."

"There used to be a newscaster in California [whose] name was Jerry Dunphy. And how he opened the news every day was, 'From the desert to the sea to all of Southern California, a good evening.' Every single night of my childhood I heard him say, 'From the desert to the sea … . ' That's my L.A. This morning I was thinking, What are the main sights? And I thought, From the desert to the sea. You can go from the desert to the sea and everything in between. I would recommend Santa Monica Beach and the great old pier. Santa Monica totally redeveloped the whole Third Street Promenade. And then there's the redevelopment of Holly-wood, the Kodak Theater, Sunset Boulevard, and the Hollywood Walk of Fame, where my star is right between Frederick's of Hollywood and a Halloween costume store, which I thought was appropriate."

"The L.A. public library downtown is incredible. It's huge and magnificent. Beside the Natural History Museum, where you get to see all the dinosaurs, there are the fabulous La Brea Tar Pits. I remember going to La Brea as a child on school trips. There's something about seeing and smelling these ancient tar pits. They bubble up right in the middle of this city. If you're a car buff - and if you're in L.A., you have to be a car buff - I'd go to The Petersen Automotive Museum."

"Ballona Fishmarket, Hans Röckenwagner's new restaurant in Marina Del Rey … has perfect California Pacific fish. I love Ivy at the Shore, too, because it's right on the ocean and you get that lovely California cuisine, and you can walk to the pier and go shopping and to the movies, and to the art galleries right there. They make these humongous salads; the portions are huge."

"Clothing-wise, I love Savannah on Montana. They carry lovely designers, including Jil Sander. If there's ever a California shopping experience, it's Fred Segal. It's been around since I was a teenager. It is a very eclectic, trendy clothing store with makeup, accessories, everything you could ever need. There are people who come to L.A. just to go to Fred Segal. I like one-of-a-kind artist-made ceramics and objets d'art, and there are two stores in West Hollywood, Freehand and New Stone Age. If you're looking for a gift for somebody, or you want to bring back something that you aren't going to find other places, you'll find it in those two stores."

"Röckenwagner in Santa Monica. I had a grilled-cheese crab sandwich that was so incred-ibly good. They do incredible soups, and there's a salad called Sally Fama Salad, which is very light. Campanile is in the starting-to-be-redeveloped area of La Brea/Highland. The building is an old movie studio. Röckenwagner and Campanile are California eclectic, but what stands out in both places is the flavor of the food."

"The one thing that gets me out is a concert, and there are myriad places. You can go to an outdoor venue like The Greek Theatre, which is this beautiful amphitheater, as is the Hollywood Bowl. Then there are interior venues like the Wiltern Theatre. I went to see Elvis Costello at the Kodak Theater, which is where they had the Oscars this year. And there's a nice new Wolfgang Puck restaurant upstairs called Vert. The House of Blues is a safe bet. And then [there's] the Troubadour and The Roxy on Sunset Boulevard with teenage bands where my daughter attends concerts."