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Bromance is a phrase often overused today, but when it comes to James Roday (left) and Dulé Hill of USA’s affable and addictive mystery-comedy Psych, brotherly love is just a matter of fact. With the show’s sixth season premiering this month, we got the dirt on the guys from the people who know them best: each other.

American Way: What’s the most “bromantic” thing you guys do for each other?
Dulé Hill: He lets my wife crash at his pad in New York when she goes back east. I appreciate that.
James Roday: And three times a week, he brings me a protein smoothie in the morning.

AW: James was one of People’s 100 Most Beautiful People in 2007. What’s his big beauty secret, Dulé?
DH: Axe. Lots of Axe. And hair grease. And he wears socks with flip-flops. You cannot beat that combination.

AW: Dulé has danced with Gregory Hines and Savion Glover. What have you learned from him, James?
JR: I honestly think I’ve shown him a thing or two.
DH: At first, you watch this man dance, and it’s, like, “What the heck is he doing?” And then you realize, “Whatever it is, it’s working.”

AW: Dulé, what’s something James doesn’t want us to know about him?
DH: He was in a college band called Dogberry. They were — what’s the word? — pathetic.

AW: Pay it back, James.
JR: He’s not from L.A. I’m not even sure he likes purple and gold. But Dulé rides that Lakers bandwagon more than is remotely reasonable for any human being. That’s pathetic.