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James Dyson revolutionized the vacuum biz when he introduced the G-Force Dual Cyclone bagless vac — painted a pale pink, if you remember — back in the early ’80s. Well, Dyson is still at it, and this month, he’s presenting the world with the new Dyson Slim. But this isn’t the only new wonder vacuum hitting the market; several more caught our eye too. Spring cleaning has never looked so good.

1. Electrolux Oxygen3 Ultra with Quiet Clean
A full five decibels quieter than other “quiet” models, this clever canister vac lets you get your cleaning on without waking the kids or scaring the dog. $300, www.electroluxusa.com

2. Bissell Health Home Vacuum
Addressing the growing problem of indoor pollution, this high-tech upright not only purifies the air as it goes but also boasts dual features that help prevent the growth of pollen, mold, and other allergens. $250, www.bissell.com

3. Shark Infinity
Claiming the most powerful suction on the market, the Infinity upright comprises a dirt-crushing 24 cyclones per unit. Despite its coveted cleaning power, Shark’s latest — whose see-through upper half reminds us of a blender — is still priced lower than most models in its category. $200, www.infinityvac.com

4. Dyson Slim
This powerhouse vac, approved for all floor surfaces, is just 15.7 pounds — less weighty than some of those dumbbells you lift at the gym. Better yet, its flexible, narrow form is designed to fit in and around the tightest places. $469, www.dyson.com

5. Black & Decker Retriever
Got pets? Then you’ve got pet hair. This new portable hand vac’s turbine-driven Turbo Brush generates 165 air watts of suction and features rubber bristles that attract and eliminate whatever fur Fido and Fluffy left behind. $30, www.blackanddecker.com