"I love taking a stroll down Española Way on Sunday mornings. It's kind of like Lincoln Road, but a little more posh. It has more art galleries and cute stores. It's very artsy and eclectic. There's one store in particular, South Beach Makeup, that I like. I'm a toiletry freak. I like buying all different types of soaps, shampoos, makeup … just all types of stuff. You can get just about anything there."

"The first time I had caviar was at The Forge, a famous steakhouse. We went with the big group on a Wednesday night. The place was packed. It has a cigar bar attached to the restaurant and a place for Latin dancing on certain nights next door. The Forge is very theatrical. We sat at a big long table and Will ordered tons of caviar and all the appetizers. I had never had caviar before, and I got totally hooked on it that night. If you want seafood, go to Nemo, which has outdoor seating and nice music. It's very romantic."


"When Will was doing the video for his song 'Miami,' it was incredible. There were tons and tons of extras for this one scene at the Miami Beach Marina. It was supposed to be a big party scene, and all of these people showed up. People were just so excited because Will was doing this video, and everybody wanted to be in it. It was great to see how people responded to Will and how late people ended up staying. Everybody who came had to stay for the whole shoot. They were there from 4 in the afternoon until 4 in the morning. These people stood on their feet all day long on gravel - it wasn't even grass. The extras were dancing; it was very tiring. They were doing take after take after take, dancing to the same song over and over again. But they were so happy to be there. Will was just so grateful and kept telling everybody, 'Thank you so much for being here,' and everybody was in such a good mood, even though it was so late at night. I remember thinking, Wow, there's such a really great vibe here. That story just tells me that people in Miami are about having fun."