"I always take the kids to the Miami Seaquarium, where Flipper, the dolphin, lives. They have a big killer whale show and dolphin shows. My son is mesmerized by them. I go there at least three times a week when we are in Miami. The park is really old, and it looks like they haven't touched a thing. As soon as you come in, they have the glass, where you can see the dolphins swimming underwater. They come up and play with you while you're making faces at them through the glass. My son loves it."

"Tuscan Steak has a lot of meat. Once again, Will orders everything on the menu. Tuscan is kind of low-key. That's usually where we go with our kids because they can run around and have some space. Once, we rented a boat at the Miami Beach Marina and had dinner catered by Joe's Stone Crab because Will wanted to eat on the boat. The boat was too small - it didn't fit our whole crew - but we loved the food. We had never been to Joe's Stone Crab before, but now we take everybody there. We get the stone crabs and the creamed spinach. You have to get there early because it's always crowded, but if you get there before the crowd at around 5, you're fine."

"If I could only do one thing in Miami, it would be to go to Café Nostalgia, a great salsa club. Will and I discovered it one night when we were in Miami for our honeymoon. It's like a 'house party' salsa club, not really like a 'club' club. It has real salsa dancing. Joia is also great. It's right there, about one block from the beach. That is definitely the place to see everybody. I've seen everyone from Madonna to Jennifer Lopez to … the list goes on and on."