"Any beach is good for exercising - I mean, the ocean is gorgeous. But we usually go to the main part of South Beach behind the Delano hotel. I'll do yoga and a three-mile run on the beach. I'm not really a beach person, though. I don't like sand, but I do exercise. Will and I are trying to get in shape because we are totally inspired by all the beautiful bodies that we see in Miami. We'll get up at about 6 in the morning, start at the Delano, and run three miles down the beach and back, so it's about six miles total. Then, we'll go to the Delano's gym, which is called the David Barton Gym. I like it because it's never crowded. The trainers know what they're talking about. They play cool music while you're working out, so you don't have to wear headphones. We also do the hotel's indoor steps, 10 times. Trust me, we're just trying to survive. It's not about anybody chasing anybody or trying to win. It's just about getting it done."

"Basically, all the shopping I do in Miami is for what I'm going to wear out at night. The best shopping mall is the Bal Harbour Shops. It's an open-air shopping mall. That's cool because you come out of each shop into the humid, fresh air. The mall has Oxygene, which I love. They have the best shoes. They have three stores there, one for adults, one for kids, and one for babies. I go crazy in those stores. Bal Harbour also has Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus. What else? Everything: Gucci, Prada, Cartier, Versace, Fendi, everybody. Then, if I just need some little cool, kickback, something-something,
we go to Jeva, a cute little store in Key Biscayne where you can get really funky clothes. The owners are two young Cuban girls who design their own jeans and tops and sell some of the greatest, most unique clothes anywhere."