"After dinner, Will and I like to walk up and down Lincoln Road, a pedestrian street near the beach. There are a lot of restaurants, shops, and smaller clubs there that play live Latin music - and we love to salsa dance. We like to go to places that aren't so popular, but kind of on the D.L. [down low], where people just go in and have a good time. It's not about who is going to arrive and all that stuff. We'll go to Lincoln and hang out. We might go to Yuca, a restaurant that has dancing, and usually has live music. We'll go there and twirl for an hour or two. Gloria Estefan's restaurant, Larios on the Beach, is pretty cool. They have wonderful food and it's right on Ocean Drive. It's usually very, very festive there. That's where you go with your crew; don't take the kids. That's one of your party restaurant spots."


"I would have breakfast at the Delano. It's a refreshing feeling in the morning to have your breakfast outside. Or I'd go to the Front Porch Cafe, a cute little restaurant not too far from the hotel. They have great food there. It looks exactly like its name, like a front porch. It has a nice atmosphere. Sometimes, Will and I will take the whole crew there. The thing about us is that we enjoy people. We enjoy having everybody around us all the time. Life is about sharing - sharing your experiences. So no matter what we do, we have a lot of people with us, even for breakfast. The only time that we're really alone is in the bedroom, and even that's rare because we've got kids now. Another breakfast place that's good for kids is the Big Pink. It's like a diner with great food like waffles and pancakes and indoor-outdoor seating. It's also good for late-night snacks and desserts."