"We always stay at the Delano. It's real open, airy, and tropical. It's got a real fun, funky vibe. There's an excellent restaurant and, in the back, a really cool pool. And there's this huge chess game in the back, where you move pieces that are about two-and-a-half-feet high. The Delano's rooms are all white. Everything is white - the bed, towels, floors, walls. I really love the Mercury South Beach, too. At Mercury, you can have your own suite. It's spacious, which is kind of hard to find in Miami. When you want a quieter, on-the-down-low kind of visit to Miami, Mercury is the place to go. It's been around a long time and has that art deco feel. Even smaller, cooler, and a little less expensive is Mercury's sister hotel, the Whitelaw. It's 1960s, shaggy carpeting, all white, and so cool. But the thing about Miami is that you don't stay in your hotel room."

"My favorite restaurant for dinner is Tantra. It has fresh-cut grass floors, which always makes me feel like I'm walking into a Buddhist temple or something. There are wood fans going and really, really hot music all the time. It's like a club, with just the best setting in Miami. It's kind of small, even a little confined, but it has a great vibe. And it has good food, a real eclectic mixture. I'm not a big food person. My husband is the one who's crazy about food. He likes Tantra, but he loves China Grill. We usually do one long table. Yeah, everybody's got to sit together. Will orders everything on the menu. At China Grill (photo at top), they have these pan-cooked lobster pancakes that he loves. China Grill has a totally different feel from Tantra. It's real modern and moody. It's big and it's open and it's airy, and you'll see everybody in there. You know, you might see [chairman and CEO, Sony Music Entertainment] Tommy Mottola or Antonio Sabato Jr."