"My favorite thing is to take a tram or bus up to Victoria Peak. I like to go to the top, the highest point on Hong Kong Island, and look down. If you're lucky and it's not foggy, it's a beautiful view. You see the skyscrapers and the eight mountains of Kowloon. You see the streets, the people, and the neon everywhere. Victoria Peak has a park and the Peak Tower, which has restaurants, shops, and amusement park rides. I also like to take the Star Ferry to Kowloon, which is the heart of the new Hong Kong, home to its nightlife and artistic community. People say everything's for sale in Kowloon. You can go to the streets of Tsim Sha Tsui, Kowloon's commercial center, whose alleys are always full of sounds and smells: fresh cut flowers, skewers of roasting meat, perfume, laughter, music, heated conversation, and whispers."

"I have my own clothing line. It's called Blanc de Chine, and it's also a store on Pedder Street, in central Hong Kong. Another line is called Bleu de Chine. It's a more casual line, younger, modern Chinese stuff. Hong Kong has lots of markets. There's the Stanley Street Market, where a lot of foreigners go to shop for cheap clothing, T-shirts, souvenirs, paintings, prints, everything. There's the Ladies' Market, which has clothing, not only for ladies but everyone. Temple Street has a mile-long market that is best at night; you can buy everything from clothing to electronics and it's a show in itself. There's also Hollywood Road, which is all antiques. I collect antique teacups and saucers. I have more than a thousand. I've found many of them on Hollywood Road."