"Felix, at the top of The Peninsula Hotel, is the most ultra-modern restaurant in Hong Kong. It's really funky. I don't want to give it away but, well, the toilets are very cool. They also have a beautiful wine bar. You have to get dressed up. You wouldn't be out of place if you wore a tux. But the highlight, especially for me, is when you go to the toilet. From there, you can see the whole harbor. Because the male receptacle is very tiny and is in front of glass, it looks like you're standing out over the harbor. It's an experience."

"Nathan Road is open 24 hours a day. The discos stay open until 5 or 6 in the morning. The main business in Hong Kong is the tourist business, so everything is designed around that. Happy Valley is an area where there's a lot of good karaoke. I love to sing. The old karaoke place is called Greenspots. The Pink Mao Mao at The Emperor hotel is the hottest place. It's a nightclub and piano bar with singers from America. You go there to dance and sing. I also like the karaoke rooms and the pool table at the hotel. Sometimes, when I have people in town, we'll all go there and have some drinks, sing karaoke, play pool, hang out."


"For breakfast, I like the Whampoa area. There are small shops where they sell bean curd. I like to eat tofu with milk in the morning. I also like to have rice rolls. It's sticky rice, stuffed with shredded pork and chopped green onion. Another breakfast specialty is long, crispy Chinese doughnuts wrapped in flat rice noodles. It's a Shanghainese thing actually. Very good."