Baffled in your quest to find the perfect barbecue? Schvitz no more. MILT'S BARBECUE FOR THE PERPLEXED recently opened in Chicago, serving some downright tasty nosh with a notable attribute: It’s totally kosher. The 75-seat eatery features an in-house smoker that churns out tender beef short ribs, succulent chicken, mouth-watering brisket, a Romanian char-dog, burgers and even chocolate-chip cookies made with specialty Belgian chocolate. Because being kosher means no pork or dairy (no nuts here, either), you won’t find mac ’n’ cheese, but we’re quite certain you won’t miss it.

“Milt’s was created to be a venue that promotes the vibrancy of our local community,” says owner Jeff Aeder. “We’re more than a great barbecue joint — we’re a place to come for a thought-provoking talk as much as for a fantastic meal.”

If that weren’t enough to stand out, 100 percent of Milt’s profits go to local and global charities, with a featured local beneficiary receiving a portion each month.“We feel it’s important that the success of Milt’s be gauged not by how much money we make but on how much we are able to give to, and create within, our community.”

Now that’s kosher.