I have eaten a zillion chopped-pork-­barbecue sandwiches in North Carolina alone, North Carolina being the capital of chopped-pork-barbecue sandwiches. They are all made with pork. But the ones served at the tiny Skylight Inn in minuscule Ayden, North Carolina, stand out above the rest.

As you travel this summer, you will come across a sublime dish of something that you’ve had lots of times before. And you may think it is the best of its kind you have ever had. And you may well be right.

’Course, you may also have tasted the best of its kind in your own hometown and just not have noticed.

Either way, that pizza, that gelato, that Parmesan cheese in Buenos Aires, I’m tellin’ ya, they are the best I’ve ever had.

Not the best in the world, mind you. For I haven’t tried every version of them on this planet.

But they could be.