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How about that cover of Jack Black? Pretty crazy awesome, huh? What’s also crazy (and awesome, depending on whom you ask) is the amount of promotion around Black’s new movie, Kung Fu Panda, which opens on June 6. I’m a big fan of animated movies, and from the clips I’ve seen of this one, I’m not going to be disappointed. If you’ve somehow missed the trailer, you can find it on our website, www.americanwaymag.com.

To me, just as good as Jack Black’s distinctive style of comedy are the characters that have been created for this movie. But that’s DreamWorks Animation for you. How could the company that brought us Shrek, Madagascar, and Bee Movie not give us something crazy cool (and, yes, crazy is the word of the day)?

In fact, these characters are so cool and complex, they may remind you of people you know — or even of yourself. Don’t believe me? Head back to our website (did I mention it’s www.americanwaymag.com?) and take the Kung Fu Panda quiz.

Just by answering five simple questions, you can find out which character you’re most like. And, yes, I’m serious. To make this more fun, see if you can figure out which character I am! Send your vote in to editor@americanwaymag.com.

Speaking of voting, thank you for your input in our Readership Survey. It provided us with all kinds of interesting information on your likes and dislikes (I was especially excited to see that half of you know that we publish the magazine twice a month; we’re gaining ground!), which we’ll use to shape future issues.

But because I tend to focus on the negative, let’s talk about Word of Mouth. That’s the new story we run each issue in which locals give you the inside scoop on what not to miss in their cities.

Also, in each issue , we ask you for recommendations on your favorite cities, places you travel to often, or your hometown.

Do you know how many of those recommendations we’ve received? Fewer than five. Way fewer than five. How can that be? I know you guys know about a lot of places. And to road warriors like yourselves, trading great finds is like what trading baseball cards is for kids. Why withhold that information? Do you just not want to share your favorite hangouts? Are you not reading these tips? Are you afraid you’ll see me there and the place will be ruined forever? Come on, give it a shot — if not for me, then for your fellow travelers.

But enough negativity. On a positive (and final) note, please welcome the newest member of our staff, associate editor Jessica Jones. She’ll be responsible for bringing you our outstanding cover celebrities as well as all the great information in Down- Low, our entertainment section in the back of the magazine.

Feel free to send her your thoughts, concerns, and compliments (at editor@americanwaymag.com). Just please don’t drive her crazy!

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