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Just in time for grilling season, iDevices has introduced the world’s first wireless thermometer for (drumroll, please) — your iPhone. The dual-probe, Bluetooth-enabled wireless iGrill thermometer also works with the iPod touch and the iPad. Bonus features include a touch-screen interface on the thermometer (which can be used on its own, without Bluetooth pairing), alarm settings to avoid overcooking and a maximum temperature of 400 degrees. Just load the iGrill app on your iPhone, stick the thermometer in your meat of choice and walk away (with your iPhone). Chat with guests, do laundry, watch television — whatever it is you do when grilling. Wondering how much time you have left or what the temp of your meat is? Check your iPhone. When it dings, dinner’s ready. Too bad your phone won’t serve it too. $100 (additional probes are $20), www.igrillinc.com