Seeking an end to commercials and pint-size playlists, four-million-plus Americans have already embraced satellite radio. You should, too. Here’s a look at your options. — S.S.

Package: More than 120 channels of music, news, and sports programming, ranging from all-Elvis stations to English Premier League broadcasts.

Highlights: Full NBA and NFL coverage, plus contributions from BBC World Service, Court TV, Maxim, and NPR.

Celebrity Guests:Show hosts include Eminem, Lance Armstrong, Tony Hawk, “Little” Steven Van Zandt, and, beginning in 2006, Howard Stern.

Pricing: $13/month buys unlimited access to broadcast/streaming audio and Internet access. Prospective subscribers can access a complimentary three-day online trial.

Star Players: Groove on the move with the Stream Jockey ($139), or record favorite segments using the ReGo ($349).

Verdict: Solid service at an affordable price. Party on.

Package:A whopping 152 channels of diverse entertainment, talk, and traffic selections, including live-band performances and CNN En Español.

Highlights:Direct feed from MLB and NASCAR events, plus Starbucks-, MTV-, Roc-a-Fella Records-, and VH1-branded networks.

Celebrity Guests:Bob Edwards, Dr. Laura Schlesinger, Tom Petty, Opie & Anthony, and Snoop Dogg (for rizz-eal).

Pricing:$13/month, and includes Internet access. Or, try an online-only plan for $8/month.

Star Players: Rock and roam with the wireless Delphi MyFi ($350), or pause/replay treasured tunes via the XM SKYFi2 ($120).

Verdict: Proves content is king. Long live XM.