Intel Pocket PC Camera ($149)
You can have it both ways. Tether Intel’s camera to a PC and send visual mail, create Web pages, send e-postcards, and make video phone calls. Or unhook the USB cable and hit the road to photograph or videotape documents and projects on site. Realtors and claims adjusters, for example, can shoot digital photos in the field, and then use their desktops to relay the images to clients over the Internet — as either stills or two-minute videos.

Rio 800 ($279)
Work and fun in one 2.4-ounce package: Kick back with up to two hours’ worth of WMA files on the digital audio player, or use the voice-recording option to take note of meetings, interviews, or seminars. It comes with 64MB of RAM and can be expanded to 372MB, so space isn’t a problem. An optional FM tuner ($35) adds a third dimension.

Franklin eBookMan EBM-911 ($229.95)
Here’s the eBook skinny: It weighs less than a coffee mug, it’s easy to read, and it offers plenty of memory. Besides the obvious use as a repository for reading material, the eBook also performs as an organizer, either with Franklin’s software or your own copy of Microsoft Outlook. Plus you can download MP3s. Doctors and teachers will like the easy access to and searchability of such volumes as the Physician’s Desk Reference.