Seven new touch-sensitive devices (besides the iPhone) that let you poke and play

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1 Touch Cruise, $730
Scroll, browse, and activate functions with a tap, or enjoy the built-in TomTom GPS navigation capabilities via the Smartphone’s stroke-ready, 2.8-inchcolor screen. Sifting through photos (3 MP camera included), web pages, and business contacts is also a snap.

2 Harmony One, $250
Logitech’s king of universal remotes allows you to control more than 225,000 devices without blowing a fuse. Its 2.2-inch, prod-friendly monitor has raised buttons and an idiot-proof interface that lets you do virtually anything -- save shave and shower -- without leaving the couch.

3 EasyShare V1273, $280
For the money, amateur shutterbugs won’t find a more elegant solution for snapping, reviewing, cataloging, and (mercifully) enhancing digital photos. Adjusting brightness levels and hue saturation on the 3X-optical zoom, 12 MP camera is as easy as jabbing your finger at the intuitive interface on the three-inch LCD display.

4 N2, $860
The first true competitor to Apple’s iPhone, Neonode’s attractive two-inch screen responds instantly to pushes and tugs, letting you speedily navigate menus and programs with nary a thought. The integrated 2 MP camera and music- and video-playing features also prove a plus for those looking to dial up a little entertainment.

5 Nüvi 5000, $857
Easy viewing and painless navigation take precedence in this 5.2-inch-display-equipped unit, designed to keep you from swerving every time you glance over for directions. Voice-prompting, the ability to save up to 10 routes, and the option to play MP3s, audiobooks, and games via an integrated wireless FM transmitter also ensure a smoothride.

6 Everio GZ-MG360B, $550
Effortlessly capture baby’s first steps -- or your college graduate’s celebratory walk -- with JVC’s svelte 680K-pixel hard disk camcorder, which offers a hands-on scroll bar for easy, interactive navigation. With its 60 GB of storable video, you’re guaranteed not to miss a thing.

7 WiBrain-B1, $699
Prices aren’t the only things shrinking on computers these days. Case inpoint: a 1.15-pound, ultramobile PC that’s still blessed with a 60 GB hard drive, a 1.2 GHz CPU, and an alluring 4.8-inch screen that you won’t be able to resist groping. Windows XP compatibility, wireless connectivity, and webcam features are awesome extras.