What better way to delight the gearheads on your holiday shopping list than by giving them not one, but two cool TECH GIFTS? Even better for your wallet, how about making that two gifts in one? Check out these spiffy gadgets with the latest and greatest in dual — and even multi — functionality.

Skullcandy’s Link, $30
Assets: This stereo headset connects to music players and wireless phones — at the same time.
Liabilities: While you can hear the music on your phone, the caller can’t — fight the urge to sing along.
Bottom line: An inexpensive but efficient device, this is two-in-one gadgetry at its best.
More info: www.skullcandy.com
Samsung Duo SC-D5000, $1,400
Assets: Picture this — a combination digital videocam and high-quality, four-megapixel still camera.
Liabilities: Two individual devices stuck together makes the Duo somewhat ungainly.
Bottom line: Get it and you won’t have to lug two cameras to the next dance recital.
More info: www.samsungelectronics.com
Sony Vaio PCG-TR2A, $2,200
Assets: Cool, compact laptop with Wi-Fi capabilities, integrated camera, CD/DVD player and writer — at only three pounds.
Liabilities: Huge demand, short supply. Could be this year’s hard-to-get “it” gift.
Bottom line: At roughly the same cost as a good laptop, this Vaio can’t be beat for its many functions and muy hip factor.
More info: www.sonystyle.com